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Mark Bender's Train Tough Strategies are changing the way America thinks about human performance.


Do you have what it takes? Operation Excellence shows you how to harness success strategies of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines and apply them to every facet of your life. You'll learn how the "Arsenal of Victory" -- discipline, confidence, and sacrifice will bring you superior results in leadership and business, wealth and success, health, and personal relationships. This highly motivational book takes you inside the world of the US Military, giving you 50 proven strategies for taking control of your life and achieving your objectives.


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Mark Bender's Train Tough Strategies. . . bridging the gap between sports . . . . . business . . . and military thought.

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Bender is the author and guiding light of the Train Tough Strategies. Mark takes you inside the world of the United States Military, revealing the strategies and tactics it takes to succeed in a life or death business.

Bender’s distinguished military career took him from the cobweb world of military intelligence to the high-speed destructive power of mechanized infantry. A graduate of the Army War College, Bender earned the Master of Military Art and Science degree, and served as an award-winning instructor at the U.S. Military’s premier problem-solving school. His primary focus was in the Human Resources arena, where he gained valuable experience in leadership and management, team-building, sales, and customer service.

He meets a need: translating battle-tested success strategies for enhanced business and personal performance. Americans are awestruck with the recent achievements of the U.S. military. They want to buy in. Now they can.

Bender grabs his audience right from Jump Street, setting the stage for a major attitude adjustment. His easy, entertaining style makes the strategies accessible to all, and he speaks with the confidence of someone who’s been there. He takes an audience from “see what happens” to “make it happen.” Like Boot Camp, there’s no escaping the challenge.