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"Mark was the featured speaker at a Yankee team gathering in Cleveland. I could see where the soldier approach to sports thing was already taking shape. Mark is a dynamic speaker and a lot of what he said that day hit home with the team. With Mark Bender you get the essential information without a lot of the extraneous stuff. He gets to the point and moves on.
Pay attention. What he has to say could change your life. "

Bobby Murcer, From the Foreword of Train Tough the Army Way


Ain't it Great.


Getting Serious.


Feelin' the Love

Mark Bender Speaks!

Benderís access to professional sports teams provides a lively backdrop for his speaking engagements. He has lunched with late greats Tom Landry and Walter Payton. His locker room observations of the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox in the 1986 World Series give a look inside the team dynamic of one of baseballís most memorable match-ups.

Lieutenant Colonel Bender accepts a limited number of speaking engagements each year. He speaks to business, church, and civic groups, sports teams, and educators. His mix of humor and intensity is a unique blend. "The Human Motivator," Bender's message is one of challenge and inspiration. Contact Mark at

Mark Bender is vice-president and executive editor of American Biography. A much-in-demand motivational speaker, Bender has spoken to numerous sports teams, including the New York Yankee baseball team. He's hosted various sporting events and his voice was recently selected for an information audio on a national historic district. He has been interviewed from coast to coast, and his comedy has entertained live audiences in both the United States and Europe.