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"Out-Think, Out-Train, Out-Perform"


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"What the world gets out of this unique synthesis is a revolutionary sports strategy in Train Tough the Army Way. Mark has studied at the premier military institutions. He’s taught at the finest military schools. And he’s taken what he’s learned and applied it all to the world of the athlete. The 50 strategies are totally unique in this regard."

Bobby Murcer, From the Foreword of Train Tough the Army Way



Author Mark Bender devoted a lifetime to mastering the Train Tough Strategies

Train Tough the Army Way: 50 Sports Strategies to Out-Think, Out-Train, and Out-Perform Your Competition, makes the case that the Army’s strategies and tactics can help athletes achieve peak performance.

Retired lieutenant colonel Mark Bender played over fifty seasons of team sports in his active duty Army career. He says athletes can learn from the way soldiers think and train.

“The connection between sports and battle has always been there,” says Bender, “I’m just extending that connection in a way that’s useful to athletes.”

Bender maintains that the Army’s planning, training, and team-building doctrine are tailor made for sports teams. He also speaks to athletes on readiness, intelligence, and leadership.

Soldiers will find familiar doctrine and attitudes in Train Tough. There are also some familiar names–Patton, MacArthur, and Schwarzkopf to name a few. “Athletes relate to many of the Army’s heroes,” says Bender, “they want to see perseverance in the face of extreme adversity and the Army furnishes numerous examples.”

  1. Select a Target.
  2. Do the Work.
  3. Commit to Learning.
  4. Prepare Over Time.
  5. Practice Hard.
  6. Don't Repeat Mistakes.
  7. Never, Ever Underestimate an Opponent.
  8. Experience the Future.
  9. Understand Momentum.
  10. Turn Defeats Into Victories.


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